About Prabhav

Prabhav Kamat is a marketing consultant who strives for excellence

The Approach

Prabhav is a sensible risk taker by nature and always experiments with new approaches to a problem. He believes that every problem needs a goal. But a goal need not have a single journey or a solution process.

This ability of trying out new things, understanding people's way of thinking often provides fantastic rewards.

Prabhav's Story

Prabhav comes from a typical Goan middle class family in which almost nobody has ever dared to take risks and start a business. Everybody is content with a job that pays well, good food, good sleep and tension free life.

Right from his childhood, Prabhav had a curious mind that wanted to explore the unexplored. He often wondered why nobody in his extended family ever considered starting a business. Over the years this question grew in his mind.

Because of the love for science, Prabhav persued engineering studies after passing his higher secondary school exams. In the years to come, he fell in love with the internet and the possibilities it could open for everything! The curiosity about how a business is run was still in his mind and the little idea from childhood had grown now.

As a result, Prabhav decided to study further and understand business mainly from the marketing perspective. During these years, he learnt the full extent of the potential of internet to change the way a business is done and Prabhav started learning more and more about digital marketing.

Due to his hunger for knowledge, curiosity about everything and extremely good education in one of the best b-schools in India, IMT-Hyderabad, Prabhav learnt quite a lot about digital marketing and started helping small business owners and bloggers expand and gain more sales, attract more visitors etc.

Marketing is an art as well as science. Prabhav's mind balances the art and science part perfectly. The science part comes from the education and experience whereas the art part comes due to his interest in music from a very early age. Prabhav is a very good player of Tabla and Guitar and still curls up with his guitar on a free saturday evening.

Prabhav completes MBA from IMT-Hyderabad

IMT Hyderabad 2017 concocation